You know that feeling you live with, whether it’s a cloudy mind, or achy body, or just never feeling at the top of your game. We are what we eat, and when you think back to yesterday, or any other day, how do you really feel about what you eat? 

My client Curtis said this, "There is no generic program here everything she does is designed with my goals and fitness levels in mind."

This is our plan:

  • One hour Introductory Session – Where we will examine your diet, goals, and create a plan specifically tailored to your needs, tastes, and lifestyle.
  • 1-60 minute or 2-30 minute Follow Ups - To navigate how the implemented changes are working and to continue with nutrition and lifestyle education. 
  • 4-weeks of Interactive Food Journaling – You document, I comment. Using this in conjunction with our coaching sessions, daily interactive food journaling creates the bond necessary to work together, and gives me the information I need to make real change.  

Have hope. This plan will change the way you feel about food

Extra Bonus Material Includes:

  • Anti-Inflammation Cheat Sheet – A comprehensive guide built from real-world experience designed to give you all the information you need to make the right choices at the right time. 
  • Guided Meditation for Pain Management or Sleep – An expertly crafted guided meditation that will work with your subconscious and give you tools to control your pain or help you fall asleep. 

Get proud of what you eat and lets get started.  


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