This is a guide to creating your own recipes by learning what flavors go together. This is part my own experimentation and part excerpts and inspiration from the most amazing book The Flavor Bible by Kare Page & Andrew Dorenburg.


  • Apples+almonds+caramel (or pistachios or pecans or hazelnuts)
  • Apples+apricots+pine nuts+rosemary
  • Apples+coconut sugar+cashew or coconut cream+walnuts
  • Apples+caramel+cinnamon+dates+ras el hanout+vanilla+lemon
  • Apples+coconut or cashew cream+ginger
  • Apples+red cabbage+cinnamon


  • Avocados+basil+red onions+tomatoes+balsamic vinegar
  • Avocados+chilis+cilantro+lime+garlic+cumin+black pepper+salt
  • Avocados+cilantro+lime juice+mangoes
  • Avocados+crab+grapefruit+tomato
  • Avocados+coconut cream+grapefruit
  • Avocados+endive+frisee+lemon juice+olive oil+sea salt
  • Avocados+lemon+smoked trout


  • Bananas+coconut+coconut cream
  • Bananas+caramel+citrus+almonds (or pistachios or pecans)
  • Bananas+caramel+chocolate (optional +hazelnuts or macadamia or pecans or almonds)
  • Bananas+cashew or coconut cream+honey+macadamia nuts+vanilla
  • Bananas+coconut cream+mango (optional +ginger)
  • Bananas+honey+sesame seeds


  • Blackberries+ginger+peaches
  • Blackberries+honey+vanilla+yogurt
  • Blackberries+mint+lime zest, juice


  • Blueberries+honey+vanilla
  • Blueberries+lemon zest+maple syrup
  • Blueberries+lemon+thyme/lemon thyme
  • Blueberries+ginger+honey+lime/lemon
  • Blueberries+peaches+cream (cashew or coconut work)


  • Cherries+almonds+cream (cashew or coconut)+vanilla
  • Cherries+chocolate+hazelnuts/walnuts
  • Cherries+coconut+custard
  • Cherries+coffee+cream (cashew or coconut)
  • Cherries+goat cheese+vinegar (ice wine or balsamic)+black pepper
  • Cherries+honey+pistachios
  • Cherries+mint+vanilla
  • Cherries+orange+red wine


  • Dates+cashew cream+orange+pistachios
  • Dates+maple syrup+chocolate
  • Dates+lamb+honey+nuts


  • Figs+almonds+olive oil+rosemary
  • Figs+black pepper+cashew cream
  • Figs+caramel+vanilla+balsamic vinegar
  • Figs+cilantro+lime
  • Figs+goat cheese+pine nuts
  • Figs+lemon+raspberries+goat cheese
  • Figs+olive oil+rosemary+walnuts


  • Grapefruit+avocado+cream (coconut or cashew)
  • Grapefruit+ginger+pomegranate
  • Grapefruit+caramel+meringue+vanilla  (optional add ins: banana, coconut, macadamia nuts, poppy seeds)
  • Grapefruit+mint+honey+lemon/lime (optional add ins: yogurt, crab, salmon, olive oil, asparagus)


  • Mangoes+lime+bananas+almonds/macadamia nuts
  • Mangoes+chili peppers+lime+coconut milk
  • Mangoes+black pepper+lemon+mint
  • Mangoes+ginger+cilantro (optional add ins papaya, mint, salmon, coconut, pork)


  • Orange+olives+tarragon (optional add ins: avocados, seafood)
  • Orange+rosemary+onions
  • Orange+chocolate+pistachios
  • Orange+mint+cashew cream or coconut (additional add ins: pomegranates, cilantro, bananas, chocolate, honey)


  • Peaches+apples+vanilla (optional add ins: honey, almonds, lemon zest, raspberries, walnuts, wine)
  • Peaches+cream (cashew or coconut)+blueberries
  • Peaches+cream (cashew or coconut)+honey+vanilla (optional add ins: almonds, cinnamon, lemon zest, mint)
  • Peaches+orange+pistachios+ginger+cloves
  • Peaches+nutmeg+figs+maple syrup+yogurt


  • Pears+arugula+vinaigrette+walnuts (optional add ins: goat cheese, bacon)
  • Pears+caramel+chestnuts/hazelnuts+cashew cream
  • Pears+balsamic vinegar+caramel (optional add ins: black pepper, vanilla, walnuts, endive, duck, ginger)
  • Pears+honey+rosemary
  • Pears+cinnamon+honey+vanilla+walnuts
  • Pears+chocolate+caramel
  • Pears+wine+goat cheese+pistachios (optional add ins: cranberries, salad greens, nutmeg, pork)


  • Pineapples+avocado+ginger+chili peppers
  • Pineapples+banana+ginger+coconut sugar+vanilla
  • Pineapples+coconut+mangoes+lime (optional add ins: cilantro, star anise, black pepper)
  • Pineapples+cream (cashew or coconut)+vanilla+walnuts/macadamia+coconut sugar


  • Plums+arugula+prosciutto (optional add ins: balsamic vinegar/syrup, black pepper, goat cheese, lemon, walnuts)
  • Plums+cinnamon+red wine+cloves+vanilla+honey
  • Plums+ginger (optional add ins: yogurt, raspberries, orange, citrus zest)


  • Pomegranates+almonds+cinnamon+cloves+garlic+ginger+honey
  • Pomegranates+chicken+curry+coconut+onions
  • Pomegranates+orange+ginger+vinaigrette+salad greens
  • Pomegranates+walnuts+vanilla+lemon


  • Raspberries+goat cheese+ginger+orange zest/juice
  • Raspberries+lime+coconut cream+mint (optional macadamia nuts)
  • Raspberries+lemon+peaches
  • Raspberries+dark chocolate+orange+cloves


  • Strawberries+cream (cashew or coconut)+almonds+vanilla
  • Strawberries+balsamic vinegar+olive oil (optional add ins: black pepper, almonds)
  • Strawberries+goat cheese+black pepper+red wine (optional: pistachios)
  • Strawberries+bananas+orange+honey (optional add ins: mint, custard, chocolate)
  • Strawberries+rhubarb+honey


  • Watermelon+cilantro+cream coconut (optional add ins: ginger, jalapeno, tequila)
  • Watermelon+feta cheese+red onions (optional mint or parsley)
  • Watermelon+tomatoes+balsamic vinegar+olive oil+black pepper (optional goat cheese and pistachios)
  • Watermelon+lime+mint