In one word…unbelievable! I found our conversations very, very valuable (I'm a hard-ass, so I promise this is the utmost compliment). Perhaps most importantly, our conversations gave me confidence that I *can* have a great date (even if that's not true, I know sometimes believing is enough)


 “I didn’t think I needed help and kept blaming men for dates not going anywhere. I think Caitlin and I actually share the same dating/relationship philosophy, but her valuable insight has helped me see how I could be acting on it more effectively and how to take ownership of my dating life instead of letting men dictate where things are going.


I am so grateful for all of the guidance Caitlin has provided. It has been spot on. I’ve been doing a fair amount of dating since our work together, well a fair amount for me, and I’ve noticed the significant change in how I approach and internalize dating. It’s bizarre how differently I respect my value and do it without playing games. This would not be happening if it wasn’t for you. You have truly altered my life and potential success for love in the best of ways.” 

- Sara

"I had the pleasure of working Caitlin  It was easy to relate to her and talk about even very personal details.   Within minutes I found myself thinking that she was perfect for her job.  My admiration for her only grew during the following months.  Not only did she show great care, diligence, professionalism, and ingenuity but her follow-ups with me showed a serious commitment to her job and, even more importantly, to her client.  I am saying this in particular, because she was not simply friendly and nice to me in a superficial manner, but pointed out to me what I recognize now to have been a serious mis-step on my part.  She did this in a very friendly and calm way, without even criticizing me, and thus giving me important advice for the future.  I greatly appreciated this - she could have opted for the simpler solution for herself, but she chose to do the more difficult, but right thing.  I have been lucky having been able to work with Caitlin and I congratulate everyone who will be fortunate enough to so in the future.  She is outstanding at her job.”

- Winrich

"I have been working with Caitlin for some time and I have always been deeply impressed her amazing way of being empathetic with other people's situations and full of positive energy. These good qualities of hers makes her especially good at her job, being understanding, fully relate to the clients and being able to give great insights to the clients. I really enjoy working with her and I have been thinking her as a dear friend of mine. "


"What I appreciated most about working with Caitlin was how expertly and honestly she was able to zero in on what I wanted, and then help me find that person. But Caitlin and I didn't arrive at this overnight.  We invested a lot of time to determine that over the course of several weeks with numerous meetings and calls.   It was a true team effort.  And never once did I feel judged, rushed, or unfairly treated.  Caitlin had my best interests in mind at all times and I met several fantastic women I would never have met on my own.  I am truly grateful to have met and worked with Caitlin."


“Caitlin was very responsive when I came to her with an immediate concern about a new relationship. She took time on a holiday to talk with me on the phone for almost an hour--I appreciated the time she took when she could've instead scheduled me for another day. She made me feel that it was ok to trust my gut; she definitely helped me be more confident about walking away and trusting my instincts. Thanks again for taking the time to give me advice and to share from your own experience. It means more than you know. Thank you!

-Sarah A