What Others Are Saying

"Caitlin is absolutely incredible.  There is no generic program here everything she does is designed with my goals and fitness levels in mind. My performance has improved tenfold and so has my ability to recuperate after hard training sessions. She is very knowledgeable and I would recommend her advice to any athlete looking to get an edge." 

- Curtis B, Reno NV, Muay Thai Fighter, Combat Veteran US Army


"Caitlin has helped me so much in the past year with her knowledge of nutrition and how it affects the body. Her recommendations have enabled me to improve my thyroid function, lower my anxiety, and most importantly, she has been an invaluable resource and coach for me while preparing for my foot surgery and dealing with the post-surgery pain. From her anti-inflammatory diet recommendations, to her amazing healing recipes, and guided visualizations, I felt so supported after my surgery and this definitely contributed to my healing. I seriously don't think I would be running without pain after such an invasive surgery if it wasn't for Caitlin's amazing guidance! "

- Elizabeth M, Eugene OR, Personal Trainer


Not only has Caitlin transformed my diet, but as a result my entire lifestyle and overall well-being. What started as a response to simple indigestion, quickly led to a comprehensive awareness to the power of conscious living. Rather than controlling my development, she simply supplied the framework and allowed events to evolve naturally. I’m now sleeping better than ever, I have steady energy throughout the day, my mind is clear and focused, and my body is lean and skin is vibrant. Caitlin’s impact on my life has yet to be fully understood, as she’s responsible for all that my future holds.

-Tyler M, Denver, CO


Caitlin changed my life.  I've been health conscious these past few years, and my knowledge on health and nutrition is a collection of various sources I've picked up here and there.  Working with Caitlin over a two week food journaling and exercise intensive, all of those lingering questions were answered, and with her guidance the various branches of my knowledge concerning health finally came together.  Most importantly, since Caitlin worked directly with me one on one, she was able to weed out those elements of my diet that didn't work for me, and those that did and were effective.  Caitlin has taught me that the path to optimal health is a true understanding of what works for my individual body, not what might work for a general group of people and their bodies.  Following my time with Caitlin, I'm better in tune with myself, and better educated to continue in this crazy life making much more skillful choices.  THANK YOU CAITLIN!

-John M, Brooklyn, NY


"I worked with Caitlin Cooper for over a year now. She has changed my life in so many ways. I started working with Caitlin because I needed some nutritional guidance. She brought so much more than her nutritional knowledge to the table. She helped me with some personal issues as well as my diet. She always made me feel safe and that I could discuss anything with her. 

She helped me get through some tough times. 

Caitlin is truly such an inspiration. She never gives up and always looks at the bright side. I feel blessed to have worked with such an amazing woman."

-Janine O, Mahwah NJ


"Caitlin has had such a tremendous impact on my health. I began seeing Caitlin for digestion issues, including gas and chronic constipation.  She guided me in changing my eating habits to include proper food pairing, and a reduction of gluten and dairy which helped alleviate my symptoms greatly.  After extensive research she ultimately put me in touch with a provider who tested me for bacteria overgrowth.  Through that finding, my discomfort has been eliminated and I truly feel cured.  I am extremely grateful for her thoughtful nature and knowledge of nutrition that has changed how I feel every day." 

-Jen S, Mahwah,  NJ 


"Caitlin has been an absolute light in my life. As a performer with a very busy (and varied) routine Caitlin helped me to up my energy and health levels even whilst living in a hotel room. Simply put- she is amazing and her knowledge and passion can inspire anyone to make better lifestyle choices. "

- Ina S, London, England


"Caitlin is always incredibly helpful,  with both insightful and knowledgable answers. She always takes the time to listen thoroughly to what is going on specifically with me and my unique circumstances and she uses all of her vast knowledge to help me find a solution. Not just a quick fix either, Caitlin has truly helped me effectively change the way I eat and think about food. Knowledge is power, power to create a better, healthier self and Caitlin has it and will help you navigate through the sea of information out there to help you get to a healthier place, specific to your needs. She's helped me immensely!"

-Meghan G, San Diego, CA


"I met Caitlin during our training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and was immediately impressed by her knowledge, passion and drive.  Her breath of expertise and skills allows her to offer a high level of holistic coaching while her unique personal experiences lend conviction and compassion.  Her positive energy and magnetic personality shine through during every telephone conversation and I would feel confident referring any client to Caitlin."

- Rebecca R, Summit NJ, Certified Health Coach(CHC), Licensed Social Worker (LSW)


Thank you Caitlin! You have changed our lives and we are living more healthier life values because of you. After receiving the necessary information from you my training was much easier to handle and thanks to all your suggestions I finished my first marathon. I am a better person now with your help . You rock !!!!

-Yusuf Z, New York, NY 


Caitlin helped me with changing my diet and the way I start my day (with what I eat and drink when I wake up in the morning)...and eat throughout the day which has truly changed the way I feel, my energy levels and best of all my weight!  I lost the 10 lbs of weight I wanted to lose when I first met with Caitlin and now find that I have no problem keeping it off with the new eating regimen she has set me up with. ...and thats an awesome thing as it seemed to be the challenge after turning 40!  Thank you so much!  She is just amazing! 

-Colleen B, Parker, CO