When you are recovering, or about to need recovery, things can feel overwhelming. In this place, you feel pain, fear, loneliness, and other negative emotions deeply. I have been there before, in fact I am still recovering. Through self-work and work with my clients, I know I can help lessen negative feelings, and make things more manageable. 

One of my clients said, "From her anti-inflammatory diet recommendations, to her amazing healing recipes, and guided visualizations, I felt so supported after my surgery and this definitely contributed to my healing. I seriously don't think I would be running without pain after such an invasive surgery if it wasn't for Caitlin's amazing guidance!" 

This is our plan:

  • One hour introductory session – Where we will discuss the course of action to build the relationship necessary to build your personal Active Recovery Map (ARM). This is built exactly for you, and together we will help you integrate this into your healing plan. 
  • 1-60 minute or 2- 30 minute follow ups - To construct a manageable healing plan for you and your loved ones.
  • 4-weeks of Interactive Food Journaling - Using this information, together we will put you on track for optimal healing and recovery. 

Throughout our 4-weeks together, we will design a comprehensive plan for your diet, improve your mental outlook, and train your recovery support team all to ensure your recovery is about you – healing, resting, and living. 

Extra bonus material include:

  • The ARM Workbook – An incredible resource honed through years of personal recovery trial and error. This workbook will help you and those around you create the optimum healing environment. 
  • Pain Management Guided Meditation – An expertly crafted guided meditation that will work with your subconscious and give you tools to control your pain. 
  • Unlimited Email Support for Four-Weeks – I will be there for you during this period to field any questions and be your recovery guide. 

To recover in the best possible way work with me.  

Lets get started.  

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