We know that feeling when we don’t get enough sleep. That feeling when someone, whether a child or a loved one, or even your boss, asks you to do something and you immediately feel overwhelmed. When little things feel like big things. You know you can feel better, you know you just need real rest; you just can’t get it.

I’ve been there. My pain has kept me up many nights, and the anxiety from knowing I wasn’t healing because I wasn’t sleeping just made the cycle worse. 

Through this experience I have developed a coaching strategy to reframe sleep, and get your nightly ritual under control. 

One of my clients said, "Rather than controlling my development, Caitlin simply supplied the framework and allowed events to evolve naturally. I’m now sleeping better than ever, I have steady energy throughout the day, my mind is clear and focused, and my body is lean and skin is vibrant."

This is our plan:

  • One hour Introductory Session – Where we will examine your diet, your daily habits, negative triggers, and any other factors contributing to your sleep issue.
  • 1-60 minute or 2- 30 minute Follow Ups - To construct a comprehensive plan that will get you the restful sleep you need. 
  • 4-weeks of Interactive Food Journaling - You document, I comment. Using this information, together we will figure out what is serving you and what is hindering your sleep and daily energy. 

Throughout our 4 weeks together we will improve your habits, modify your diet, and design a comprehensive plan that will get you the restful sleep you need. 

Bonus Material Included in Package:

  • Sleep Strategy Cheat Sheet – Proven methods in an easy to use format. I have created these methods over years of dealing with a sleep problem just like you.
  • Unlimited Email Support for Four-Weeks –When you need a question answered, or think of something we didn’t cover, or anything else, I will be your guide along the way.
  • Guided Meditation Drift off to Sleep Download – Created with expert guidance, this download will send you into a deep, restful sleep. All you have to do is get ready for bed, lie down, and listen. I am really excited about how well this works. 

Shift away from those negative days and give yourself the best chance at a great day when you work with me.

Let's get started. 


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