People ask me all the time what kind of blender I use or what products I use to wash my face. Well, here you go; my all time kitchen, beauty, and everything in between essentials for a healthy body and home. 


You've heard of them, but what are they really, and where the heck do you buy them? I got you covered. Superfoods deliver a boat load of nutrients without a heavy load of calories and are considered to have a high nutrient ratio. Here  are a few of my staples I keep around the house for healthy snacking and recipe creation. These are HIGH energy foods that provide SUPER nutrients. Exlpore. Indulge. Evolve. 


I think the number one complaint I receive about trying to "eat healthy" is that health food is so expensive. I like to buy in bulk from the sources I have below so I never run out of the staples that keep my household running smoothly. All of these are shelf stable and if kept in a cool dark place will last a while!


Here are my top picks for natural sweeteners that I use in my recipes. Each have a different flavor and texture so I like to pick what I use based on how the flavor will go in what I am making. I like to use powdered sweeteners in baked goods or recipes that need more bulk or already have a lot of liquid and liquid sweeteners in recipes requiring a smooth, silky consistency. Experiment with what works for you and even those these are "natural" sweeteners, please use in moderation. 


Master the art of the smoothie. Make pasta out of vegetables in seconds. Reclaim your health with a juicer. These are the tools of the healthy eating world that will make preparing all of your nutritious faves a breeze. I like to offer two options - a high price and a mid point price option without compromising quality. Explore what works best for your budget and if you buy nothing else, buy a high speed blender (I prefer the VitaMix). Its worth every penny.


Stop wasting time with the wrong tools. Here are my top tools for everyday eating, creating, and storing healthy food and drink. From glass straws to nut bags check out these must have for the healthy kitchen mavens. 


Sure you read labels, try to eat healthy, and avoid chemicals right? Ok, but can you pronounce all of the ingredients in the products that you put on your body everyday?  No? Well then we might need to do some house cleaning. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs whatever we decide to put on it, which includes the thousands of toxic chemicals laced throughout our favorite brands of makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, and yes deodorants. Yikes! The solution? Here are some of my favorite products for natural beauty and ingredients for making my own creations that have worked for me. Explore the natural and nourishing side of beauty products made from real ingredients, trust me you will look and FEEL amazing. 


I always keep these products on hand for tried and true pain and inflammation relief. Explore each one for your needs and please know that these are not pain cures but simply products that will help lessen pain and swelling in a natural way. 

Disclaimer: I am not being payed to endorse these products and I hand picked each item based on my personal experience and preferences. Explore what works best for you and your needs.