Chronic Pain Holds You Back. Break Free.


Chronic pain saps you, filling you with fear.

I have lost time and money to my pain, I have lived in fear of my pain.

Then I found ways to break free.


Ironically, if I didn’t have debilitating health issues I wouldn’t be pursuing my passion: helping others who live with chronic pain and injuries


Once I learned first-hand the power of chronic pain as a negative force, I knew I had to help others out there defeat it. I started learning how to manage my pain to have enough energy and focus to help others. I still had this nagging thought in the back of my mind - I should wait until I'm healed to fully pursue my coaching practice.


Then a lightning bolt stuck -


”What if this is it? What if I never get any better and this is the pain and body I have to live in for the rest of my life? “

We have to accept where we are right NOW or else we will end up waiting forever for that "someday" that may never come. 

In that spirit, I have fully committed to my coaching practice despite still living with pain. If I can drive forward despite these issues, so can you. Know that, believe that.

Here are your strategies for positive change. Use them and you can feel so much better in your day.


Shut up, close your eyes, and breathe….

Control your breathing, control your mind.

1) Practice Kundalini Yoga breath of Fire 

- Perfect if you have energy but physically cant workout

- Puts you back in control of your body

2) Practice 4-7-8 breathing 

- Resets your mind

- Centers you for more mental control over your pain

3) Full Counting Meditation 

- Find your peace

- Set positive intentions for your day


Write an action list of 3 tangible things you CAN accomplish today.

Create your own “wins” for the day

These don’t have to be ground breaking, but they do have to be manageable. Write down simple things that you know you can do. Crossing things off a list will make anyone feel productive, even if you can’t get out of bed.


Make a stack of notecards with positive affirmations

Positive affirmations work.

When you’re in pain, reading a note that has special meaning can snap life back into perspective. Make it real, make it personal.

Some examples of my personal stash are “your family unconditionally loves you” “you live in a safe, warm, home with plenty of nourishing foods at your disposal” “You are brave, beautiful, and you WILL get through this”

Get the point?


Have a go-to list of things that make you feel amazing.

When you are at your worst it can be hard to remember what makes you better.

Create a personal “handbook” of things you know make you feel better. On a rough day, do as many as you need. This handbook will act as a guide for your loved ones as well by giving them clear ways to make you feel better.

As I type this, I’m in pain. But that’s the point, I’m still typing this. I truly believe there lies within all of us the ability to manage our pain and be positive leaders of our tribes. I use my pain as a motivator to help others. It drives me.


Use these strategies and show the world you can manage your pain. Be a leader in your world. Shine your light for someone you know living with pain.

Let’s make our world a little brighter.