Dating Profile Revamp

An e-book for women filled with tips and tricks from an industry expert to give your dating profile the facelift it needs to position yourself in the best way and to get the most matches. 


Although you hate to admit it, dating apps do have an important role in modern dating. But if there are so many options out there why are you not converting any dates? 

Having worked as a professional matchmaker and dating coach for many years I have seen more dating app profiles than I'd care to admit. 
Since I work with both men and women I have the opportunity of hearing first hand what makes people stop and look twice or swipe right on by.  Once you learn how to play to win, remove your ego from the process and learn to not allow scammers and unworthy people to deter your search you start using dating apps as a powerful took in your dating repertoire. 

What's included in the dating profile revamp book? 

Through extensive research and experience working with clients to optimize their dating profiles, I have developed a comprehensive guide that details powerful tips to set yourself apart from the masses and position your profile to gain the most matches. 

You will learn...

✔ Insider tips on which photos perform the best

✔ Prep tips to be camera ready and take natural lifestyle pictures

✔Learn how to dress your unique body shape

✔ How to write a captivating profile

✔ The do's and dont's for photo poses, clothing and lighting

✔ Writing prompts for your dating profile

✔ Photographer suggestions for professionals in your area and remote shoots

✔ A run down of all the modern dating apps so you can choose which ones best for you

✔  And so much more...


Dating apps are like the modern day version of navigating a digital version of Jumanji. There are strategies required to move forward, pitfalls to avoid and snakes lurking around corners. BUT here’s the deal: if you want to win, you have to play.  So I’m not here to tell you to be someone that you aren’t.  I’m not here to dress you up in some costume and paint your face like a clown. I’m here to show you how to showcase who you are in the right light so that you will attract the right kind of people and have better success while swiping for a date. 

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 Dating App Profile Revamp B-Book for Women

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Dating App Guide 

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A Date Strategist, Meditation Teacher, and Relationship Coach that helps successful professionals unlock their deepest self and secure the relationship of their dreams.

For over eight years, I’ve been a professional dating strategist, licensed health coach, professional matchmaker and meditation teacher. I've worked with hundreds of singles to help them master their mindset and discover the love of their lives. In my 20s, a debilitating spine injury and a bad breakup left me shattered in more ways than one. After years of inner work, going back to school for coaching and recovering from numerous surgeries, I went on to build a fulfilling career, threw my walker out for good, and married the love of my life.

I learned to become resilient in the face of anxiety and changed my attitude to unlock the doors that I thought were forever locked, and, ultimately, see my worth through my own eyes, not the eyes of others.

My purpose is to help others become the best version of themselves so they can get exactly what they seek out of their career, relationship, and most importantly, life.

Let me help you work to create a dating app profile that will get you off the coach and on some dates!

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"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

This e-book will provide the insider tips on what men really look for on the apps and how to position yourself in the best light to attract the RIGHT men and ignore all the ones who don't matter.

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