Ahhhhh chocolate….it really could solve most of the world problems. But whats a girl to do if she is trying to get all of those empty caloric white sugars out of her life? Make my own chocolate silly and now you can too!

These are not as hard as you might think as long as you have a silicone chocolate mold, and luckily for you they are sold on amazon for about $10. 

So enough chat, lets turn that nostalgic PB&J sandwich on its head and put it into bon bon form. Giddy up.

Paleo/Vegan Sunflower Butter & Jelly Filled Chocolate Bon Bons

Paleo- Gluten Free -Vegan

Makes 16 bon bons

  • 5 oz unsweetened chocolate (use high quality like Ghiradelhi)
  • 1 TBL coconut syrup/ honey/ agave
  • 1/2 TBL Coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup Sunflower butter/Almond Butter/ or any nut butter you like (brought to room temp)
  • 8 tsp raspberry no sugar added jam/jelly (I use Whole Foods 356 brand sweetened with apple juice)
  • Coarse Sea Salt
  • Silicone candy mold

Chop the chocolate into pieces and place 3/4 of it in a small glass bowl and microwave for 15 seconds at a time. Stir the chocolate and continue to microwave for 10 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until the chocolate is smooth and shiny. Add the remaining 1/4 of the chocolate and stir until smooth. The chocolate should register 87 to 89 degrees F on a candy thermometer.

Pour the chocolate into a flexible chocolate mold and swirl it around above a sheet pan until every corner of the mold have been covered. Using a bench scraper or a flat bottomed spatula scrape the mold so that all the chocolate is leveled off and pour it off onto a sheet pan. Scrape the excess chocolate back into the bowl to use again.

Place the mold on a sheet pan to keep it level and place the leveled chocolates into the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes checking after 10 minutes to see if the chocolate has set up. It should be somewhat firm to the touch and not leave a fingerprint when touched but do not leave it in for too long or else the chocolate with break when you open it.

Remove the molds from the fridge and spoon 1/2 tablespoon of nut-butter into the center of each mold. Then place 1/2 teaspoon of jam into the center of the nut-butter.


Place in the fridge to set up for 5 minutes.

Pour the remaining chocolate over the top of the filled chocolates and swirl around so it is completely covered. Gently scrape off the excess with your bench scraper or spatula so that the top is completely leveled with the mold. (If your chocolate has cooled too much place it back in the microwave for 5 second intervals stirring in between to get it back to a pourable mixture)

Sprinkle each bon bon with a small sprinkling of coarse sea salt.

Place back on the sheet pan and into the refrigerator to set up for at least 15 minutes and up to 20 depending how thick your chocolate is. Test one to see if it comes out and if it cracks place it back in the fridge to set up longer.

Gently pop them out and place onto a plate and keep in the fridge until ready to eat