Summer Spritzers

Looking for some new and refreshing summer beverages? Look no further because the possibilities are endless with the bountiful options of Summers harvest. For many years I worked in restaurants and spent most of my time behind the bar slinging cocktails so drinks are kind of my thing.Some of my favorite concoctions would always start the same way:

  • Some type of fresh fruit/citrus (cherries, cantaloupe, orange, lemon, lime etc)
  • Some type of fresh herb (cilantro, thai basil, mint, thyme, parsley etc)
  • Sweetener (ex  honey (raw if possible), lacuma powder, yacon syrup, maple syrup, stevia etc)
  • Alcohol/Wine/Cordial or Soda Water / Juice for a Mock-tail 

This formula gives you alot of wiggle room to be creative and make some fun and interesting drinks. There is no reason you need to spend $13 to have a special beverage when you have all the ingredients you need right at your fingertips.And do not feel like you have to use alcohol to make these, I don’t drink alot so I make all of these as “mock-tails” (no alcohol) and I think they rock!Some of my Favorite combos right now:

Spicy Melon Margarita

  • 1/4 cup Cantaloupe + 10 Cilantro Leaves + 4 Serrano Pepper slices + 4 Lime Wedges +lacuma powder/yacon syrup/honey/Stevia+ pinch sea salt
  • Muddle and crush ingredients
  • Add 2 oz Tequila (optional)
  • Shake. Strain over fresh Ice top with soda water 

Cherry Basil Spritzer

  • 4 Basil Leaves + 4 Mint Leaves + 2 Slices Orange + 2 Wedges Lime + 6 Cherry halves + lacuma powder/yacon syrup/honey/Stevia
  • Muddle and Crush Ingredients
  • Add 2 oz Campari or Aperol (or any Rose wine or white wine. Again alcohol optional)
  • Pour into large wine glass filled with ice
  • Top with Soda Water