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My newest obsession....Tea Pops!!!


My newest obsession....Tea Pops!!!

Tea Pop Mise

I have a new obsession that I need to share with you….its called the Tea Pop. 

A tea pop consists of a really strong concentrate of your favorite tea, a big glass of ice, soda water, and your sweetener of choice. Crisp, refreshing, amazing!

I didn’t come up with this idea so I have to give credit to the new tea place in the Boston area called Davids Teas. They are like Teavanna except they are more like a tea bar but with the coolness turned up a notch. They have endless flavors combinations that make crazy delicious tea pops, natural sweeteners like pure stevia leaves in their teas, you can buy any of their teas by the ounce (or online) and the prices are not outrageous.  For the tea pop it would be best to use a fun flavored loose leaf tea but it can also be done with regular tea bags. 

Heres the skinny

  • For one tea pop use 4X the amount of tea you would normally use for an 8oz cup. So if its loose leaf around 4tsp and if its bags use 4 bags.
  • Steep in just enough water to cover the tea. You want it strong because you will be diluting with soda water. 
  • Allow to steep for the allotted time for the specific tea you are using. 
  • Fill a glass with ice and pour the tea concentrate over the ice. 
  • Add sweetener of choice (liquid stevia, honey, raw agave etc)
  • Top off with soda water and a cool bendy straw. 
  • Drink the deliciousness and revel in the tea pop euphoria. 

Seriously this is the best summer drink ever. Plus if you are feeling frisky you can add some booze. I mean vodka goes with everything right? ;)   Check out this fair trade vodka made from quinoa...who knew drinking could be so healthy? j/k

Check out my friends new tea line New England Tea Co for some of the rarest Chinese teas and insanely creative flavor combinations. 

Pop Pop!