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Caitlin Cooper is a dating and relationship coach who combines her skills in matchmaking, meditation, nutrition, and coaching to help successful professionals unlock their deepest self and secure the relationship of their dreams.


What would it feel like to be authentically yourself and attract the love of your life?

I see singles reading books about how to change themselves to be more desirable to those they think they should be with. But what they are failing to see is that you don't need to change who you are to find love, you need to be authentically yourself and be comfortable in your skin to attract the right person. You won't be right for everyone and that's actually a good thing.

I'm Caitlin Cooper and I have a passion to teach women, just like you, to take ownership over their love life and break the barriers that are holding them back from experiencing a successful, long-term relationship.

As a Professional Matchmaker, Dating + Relationship Coach, I have seen great people stay single for decades or stay with the wrong people because of fear, scarcity, dysfunctional patterns, or a broken view of their self-worth. They hide behind a brave face that "they don't need anyone" but the truth is we all need love and when we learn to love ourselves and understand what our values and needs are it becomes that much easier to attract and sustain a secure relationship.

Does this sound like you?

All the guys you like don’t like you back.

You constantly check your phone to see if he messaged you back or second guess everything you say.

You’re starting to think something is wrong with you because you can’t seem to get any dates or move dates into a relationship?

Here’s a secret, It has nothing to do with how pretty you are or how cool you think you are. If you aren’t aligned internally and in complete acceptance of who you are then how do you expect to attract someone who is like that? We have to understand that we can’t hide the internal dialogue because it becomes our actions and therefore creates the lives we live.

Anxiety and insecurity fuel dating issues so much more than looks ever will. That’s why you see less than perfect people in amazing relationships and seemingly perfect-looking people lost and alone. It’s about internal alignment. And that’s the work I do.

Yes, we’ll talk about how to present your best foot forward, how to authentically flirt, the best way to interact on dating apps, and all that fun stuff but until you are secure in your attachment style, love yourself fully and have daily routines that support your highest self all that stuff won’t matter.

Four Steps to Align to Love


We will work together to access and learn what has held you back from love. By understanding with compassion instead of judging with shame, you will start to be an observer of what you have been doing and learn to see when habits that aren't serving you are popping up.


Once we know what has been holding you back we will make a plan to break these patterns, create new tactics for attracting what serves your highest self and installing practices to calm the mind and be in alignment with your body, mind, and environment. 

We will work on your dating profiles, evaluating the values you will judge future dates by (not preferences), dating strategies, authentic flirtation skills, and how to read signals.


When you are living in fear, scarcity, or frenetic energy you will attract all the wrong people at the wrong times. So by installing new habits and practices to become at peace and in love with yourself you will literally change your energy and how the world sees, feels, and hears you. By adopting new habits for confidence, clarity, and alignment you will be amazed how you start to realize the abundance that surrounds you and all the options you never knew you had.


It may feel awkward at first when you start to change and serve who you were meant to be and feel confident in the face of those you are attracted to but once you settle into the new you, it will be addicting. You will feel free, open and people will be drawn to your new energy and life will dramatically change. You will be in control of your destiny. You will be in the driver's seat and seeking to assess if those are worthy of your instead of begging to be worthy of others.



For over eight years, I’ve been a professional dating strategist, licensed health coach, professional matchmaker, and meditation teacher. I've met and worked with thousands of singles to help them master their mindset and discover the love of their lives. In my 20's a debilitating spine injury and a bad breakup left me shattered in more ways than one.

After years of inner work, going back to school for coaching, and recovering from numerous surgeries, I went on to build a fulfilling career, threw my walker out for good, and married the love of my life.

I hold certifications as a relationship coach, health coach, NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), meditation teacher, and worked as a professional matchmaker and dating strategist in a nationwide company in the VIP division with many success stories under my belt. Because I have worked in a corporate role with coaching and matchmaking it afforded me the opportunity to work with major dating apps, write for large publications and learn from the heavy hitters in my industry to create my Relationship Ready methodology and coaching practice.

Ready to finally take ownership of your love life?

Schedule a call with me to see if you're ready to level up your love life.

As Seen In

"I didn’t think I needed help and kept blaming men for dates not going anywhere. I think Caitlin and I actually share the same dating/relationship philosophy, but her valuable insight has helped me see how I could be acting on it more effectively and how to take ownership of my dating life instead of letting men dictate where things are going. "

41 years old

"Caitlin is the real deal. Her honest and spot-on intuition grabs your attention. I felt heard. I felt seen. She witnessed my pain, my joy, my hope and empowered me to take the next steps in my dating life without fear. She held my hand and my heart. I am so grateful to be in Caitlin's orbit. "

69 years old

"Partnering with Caitlin for dating coaching has had a profound and immeasurable impact on my life. After a traumatic experience, she helped me nderstand what it means to truly respect myself and what it looks like to be respected by others. Her guidance, compassion, and honesty left me empowered. Since I began working with her I have learned to trust my gut, find patience and calm, and lift myself up from the pains that can come with the dating process. Her guidance has been holistic, strengthening my professional life as well. I am unbelievably grateful for the tools she has given me to find strength and clarity, and for the happier and healthier life, I will lead as a result of having them. "

35 years old

"Caitlin has the demeanor and wisdom of your smart best friend and your no-BS therapist. In speaking with her, you'll have at least a handful of moments where you think 'Holy sh**, I never thought about it that way.' She brings an open, kind, and non-judgemental ear and will let you talk your heart out. When you finally stop to take a breath of air, she'll throw down some perspective leaving your mouth agape and replying, "Tell me more." In my experience with her, she gave me the confidence and advice to nudge me in the right direction. I can't see any situations where her insight wouldn't be unique, brilliant, and appreciated and wished I could speak to her way more often than probably her schedule allows."

32 years old

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