canteloupe gazpacho ariel

Excuse my absence this week, I’ve been a bit busy and hot. Sooooo hot. There has been a heat wave all over the country so I know I’m not alone melting away here. 

When its this hot out I crave light refreshing food that does not require the use of the stove. 

This was my lunch yesterday…

Chilled Cantaloupe Gazpacho….ahhhhhhh 

I used a Tuscan cantaloupe because they have a sweeter flavor and more delicate flesh but whatever melon you have is just fine. Honeydew could actually be a very interesting substitute especially if you add half of an avocado.

This soup is raw, vegan, gluten-free and very cleansing. This makes one very large bowl but with a sprinkle of chopped nuts I think it’s the perfect light summer lunch or snack. If you are really hungry perhaps some brown rice or quinoa to soak up the soup would be a perfect addition.