I love me a good snack, but I am not willing to throw my whole day of healthy eating out the window for a momentary craving. Luckily, I don’t have to with a high protein, superfood rich, healthy fat filled snack like this one:

  • Pumpkin seeds – high in protein, zinc, magnesium, and a natural anti-inflammatory

  • Cinnamon – helps curb appetite and control sugar cravings

  • Cacao nibs – rich in antioxidants and naturally occurring caffeine for a nice energy boost

  • Sea Salt – naturally alkalizing to the body and rich in trace minerals, and electrolytes

The perfect balance of salt, sweet, crunch, and fat made in minutes!

Let’s get our healthy snack on!!!

Sea Salted Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds with Cacao Nibs

vegan - gluten free - grain free - sugar free - paleo 


  • 1 cup Pepitas, pumpkin seeds out of shell (soaked and sprouted or lightly toasted, your choice)
  • 1/4 cup Cacao Nibs
  • 2 tsp Unrefined Coconut Oil, melted
  • 1/2 tsp Coarse Sea Salt ( I like pink Himalayan Salt)
  • 1/2 tsp Cinnamon


  1. 1/2 Tbl Maple Syrup or Raw Honey


  1. In a large bowl, add the cacao nibs, coconut oil, (maple syrup or honey if using) and pumpkin seeds and toss until the seeds are well coated in the oil.
  2. Sprinkle, the salt, and cinnamon until well coated.
  3. Try not to eat the whole thing in one sitting ;)