Ready for a snack chock silly with super foods that tastes like Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream…


No you can have your cake and eat it too….well smoothie not cake but you get the idea. The only prep for this is that you will need to chop up some bananas and stash them in the freezer. The frozen bananas, cacao, & nut butter blend together so that this smoothie tastes like a frozen reeses cup but without all the added sugar and nasties. Amazing.

Make this the next time you are craving sweets and don’t forget to put a pinch of sea salt in your smoothies to provide some necessary minerals and to really make the flavor pop!

Chunky Monkey Superfood Smoothie

Serves 2

Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free - Grain Free - Paleo - Primal - No Sugar


  1. 2 Frozen Bananas
  2. 2 Tbl Raw Cacao Powder
  3. 4 dates pitted
  4. 2 Cups Non Dairy Milk (hemp, almond, coconut, etc)
  5. 2 Tbl Nut or Seed Butter (almond, sunflower, etc)
  6. Pinch sea salt

Optional Superfood boosters

  1. 1/2 Cup Swiss Chard, Romaine, or leafy green of choice (for minerals, vitamins, and fiber)
  2. 1 Tbl Hemp Seeds (for added protein and a plant based source of Omega 3's)
  3. 1/2 tsp Maca (for endocrine and hormonal support)
  4. 1/2 tsp Mucuna (for nerve support and to balance the caffeine in the cacao)
  5. pinch of cayenne (for metabolism boost)


  1. Blend the ingredients until smooth; adding more non dairy milk to thin as needed.


  1. I add all of these superfood boosters to my smoothies for optimal energy and nutrition!